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There are many different course types and study areas at Curtin Malaysia. Whether you’re looking to study a three or four years bachelor degree or a semester-long graduate certificate, Curtin Malaysia offers you choices to suit your needs. Below you will find foundation, undergraduate and postgraduate course types, and the time it could take you to complete a programme when studying full-time.



Bachelor Degree:

Faculty of Engineering and Science

Bachelor of Engineering:

Bachelor of Science:

Bachelor of Applied Science:

Bachelor of Technology:

Faculty of Humanities

Bachelor of Arts:

Postgraduate Studies (By Coursework)

Faculty of Humanities

Master of Policy Sciences JPT/BPP(R/313/7/0023) 04/21

Project Management

  • Graduate Certificate in Project Management JPT/BPP(R2/345/7/0394) 07/23
  • Graduate Diploma in Project Management JPT/BPP(R2/345/7/0395) 07/23
  • Master of Science (Project Management) JPT/BPP(R2/345/7/0396) 07/23

Faculty of Business


Faculty of Engineering and Science


Postgraduate Studies (By Research)

Master of Philosophy (Engineering):

  • Electrical and Computer Engineering JPT/BPP(R/523/7/0250) 11/19
  • Mechanical Engineering JPT/BPP(R/521/7/0110) 11/19
  • Civil Engineering JPT/BPP(R/526/7/0101) 11/19
  • Chemical Engineering JPT/BPP(R/524/7/0050) 11/19
  • Geology JPT/BPP(R/443/7/0025) 22/19
  • Petroleum Engineering JPT/BPP(N/524/7/0078) 5/23

Master of Philosophy (Business):

  • Accounting JPT/BPP(R/344/7/0150) 03/23
  • Economics and Finance JPT/BPP(R/314/7/0012) 03/23
  • Management JPT/BPP(R/345/7/0697) 03/23

Master of Philosophy (Humanities):

  • Media, Culture & Creative Arts JPT/BPP(N/210/7/0021)07/21

Doctor of Philosophy

  • Engineering & Science JPT/BPP(R/520/8/0054)07/19
  • Environmental Science JPT/BPP(N/422/8/0017) 06/22
  • Business JPT/BPP(R2/340/8/0672) 11/24

Faculty of Business

Faculty of Engineering and Science

Faculty of Humanities

Department of of Culture and Language Studies

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