Faculty of Engineering and Science

Realise your dream to become a professional engineer or scientist with a Curtin degree. Curtin Malaysia’s Faculty of Engineering and Science offers Curtin’s accredited degrees in engineering and science, which are ranked amongst the world’s best. The Faculty also gives you more opportunities to use the latest technology and get involved in world-class research.

Faculty of Engineering & Science

Chemical JPT/BPP(R/524/6/0053)10/20

Civil and Construction JPT/BPP(R/526/6/0107)10/20

Electrical and Electronic JPT/BPP(R/522/6/0054)10/20

Environmental *JPT/BPP(F1-K051)11/16

Mechanical JPT/BPP(R/521/6/0119)10/20

Petroleum JPT/BPP(R/524/6/0065)10/21


*Course extension pending Ministry of Higher Education approval.

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