Project Management

Graduate Certificate in Project Management
MoHE approval code: (R/345/7/0394)

Graduate Diploma in Project Management
MoHE approval code: (R/345/7/0395)

Master of Science (Project Management)
MoHE approval code: (R/345/7/0396)


Project management is a distinct professional discipline, with its own body of knowledge, skills, tools and techniques. It involves managing a project from inception to completion and the successful attainment of the project’s objectives. The course provides the opportunity to gain the understanding, knowledge and skills necessary for performing the role of project manager. It adopts a generic approach to project management and is applicable to any project in a variety of industries such as construction, engineering, education, health, commerce, information technology, research and development.

Entry Requirements
• Graduate Certificate
Appropriate bachelor’s degree from a recognised tertiary institution and or; a minimum of five years relevant management experience.

• Graduate Diploma / Masters
Appropriate bachelor’s degree from a recognised tertiary institution or Graduate Certificate in Project Management.
Recognition of Prior Learning is considered on an individual basis.

• Graduate Certificate: Four units of study
• Graduate Diploma / Masters: Eight units of study
• Masters: Eighteen months full-time or equivalent part time, 11 units of study

January, May, & September Miri Campus

Key Course Facts
At the Graduate Certificate level, the units are;
• Project Management Overview
• Project and People
• Project Cost Management
• Project Time Management

The Graduate Diploma level consists of the Graduate Certificate unit plus;
• Project Procurement Management
• Project Quality Management
• Project Risk Management
• Program and Portfolio Management

The Masters level consists of the Graduate Diploma units plus;
• Contemporary Issues in International Human Resource Management
• Project Management Capstone
• Project Management Research 1
• Project Management Research 2

Reason to study Project Management at Curtin:
• Application to any industry
The course offers a generic approach to Project Management, making it applicable to a wide range of industries.

• Ground breaking
The program is the first postgraduate degree of its kind in WA, and is one of the first Project Management university degrees to be generic rather than industry specific.

• Taught by professionals
Staff have an extensive range of professional experiences in Project Management. The course is delivered by people who offer a practical relevancy to student learning.

• Flexibility
All units are conducted during the weekend, Saturday and Sunday.

Careers and Opportunities
The Federal Department of Education, Science and Training predicted that Project Management will be the fastest growing occupation by 2010. There is a growing demand for Project Managers in such industries as construction, engineering, law, education, health, commerce, information technology,and development.
All courses are accredited by the International Project Management Institute (PMI). All programs are endorsed by the Australian Institute of Project Management.


* Graduate Diploma in Project Management is a pre-requisite for enrolment in Exit Graduate Diploma.

Intermediate Award

The Graduate Certificate, Graduate Diploma and Master programs are offered as flexible exit points.
This means that students have the opportunity to apply for an interim award upon completion of specific required units if, due to exceptional circumstances, they are unable to complete the currently enrolled course. Intermediate Awards are subject to the approval of the Head of Department.

Units offer Trimester 3, 2017

Unit Code Unit Title Total Hours Lecturer
PRJM6003 Project Risk Management 36 Dr. Bridgid Chin Lai Fui
PRJM6005 Program and Portfolio Management 36 Dr. Aja Ogboo Chikere
PRJM6006 Project Management Research 1 36 Dr. Dhanuskodi Rengasamy
MGMT5031 Elective: Public Sector Marketing 36 Dr. Shamsul Kamariah

Units offer Trimester 2, 2017

Unit Code Unit Title Total Hours Lecturer
PRJM6000 Project Management Overview 25 Prof Beena Giridharan
PRJM6002 Project Time Management 25 Dr Jayakumar
PRJM6004 Project Procurement Management 25  Dr Jayakumar
PRJM6008 Project Quality Management 25 Dr Samuel
PRJM6011 Project Management Capstone 25 Azhar Yahya
PRJM6012 Project Management Research 2 25 Dr Dhanuskodi & Mdm Khin Than Mynt

Units offer Trimester 1, 2017

Unit Code Unit Title Total Hours Lecturer
PRJM6010 Project and People 25 Dr. Hah Fong Lian
PRJM6001 Project Cost Management 25 Dr. Dhanuskodi Rengasamy
PRJM6005 Program and Portfolio Management 25 Mr. Azhar Yahya
PRJM6003 Project Risk Management 25 Mr. Mian Umer Shafiq
MGMT5031 Elective: Public Sector Marketing 25 Dr. Shamsul Kamariah
PRJM6006 Project Management Research 1 25 Dr. Dhanuskodi Rengasamy

Unit Description

Project Management Overview
An overview of the project management process: definitions, attributes and tasks. An analysis of the activities during each phase of a project including concept, development, implementation and completion. Review of project management processes.

Project and People
This unit explores organisational development and the design of the organisational structures including: perceptions, personality, motivation, leadership, group processes, performance appraisal, conflict and work redesign. Practical approaches to improving effectiveness and enhancing the quality of life at work are discussed with reference to new issues confronting the way work is organised and managed.

Project Cost Management
This unit explores cost and value management processes within a project environment, including methods and techniques of estimating, budgeting and controlling. Project financing is discussed with reference to project evaluation and selection methods, including life cycle costing, scoring and cost benefit analysis.

Project Time Management
This unit explores time management within a project environment including: time programming and scheduling; bar charts; networks; line of balance; time estimating content; control monitoring; constraints; resources; analysis and reporting.

Project Quality Management
This unit explores the application of quality management to projects including: concepts, systems, planning, assurance, certification, audits, control, training, benchmarking, best practice, ISO 10006 quality and ISO 9000 series, value for money and the behavioural aspects of quality.

Project Risk Management
This unit explores risk management within a project environment including issues of: management process identification; analysis and response; types of risk; qualitative and quantitative risk analysis techniques e.g. scoring; sensitivity analysis; probability analysis; Monte Carlo and Utility theory.

Project Procurement Management
The unit explores project procurement, acquisition planning, source selection, procurement documents, tendering and awards and contract administration. It considers the body of law that affects procurement and elaborates on procurement processes identified in PMBOK, for example, outsourcing, SCM and relationship-based procurement models.

Program and Portfolio Management
This unit explores: strategic planning; stakeholder management ; communication management; and project management information systems.

Contemporary Issues in Human Resource Management
Explore issues related to the human resource management needs of international and multinational enterprises. Explores aspects of international human resource management activities such as staffing the organisation, employee development, appraisals, compensation and the processes of expatriating and repatriating staff. Addresses the role of human resources in culturally diverse organisations.

Project Management Research 1
Preparation for individual research project to be completed in Project Management Research 2. Introduction to concepts of research and research methods and tools.

Project Management Research 2
The development and completion of the research report initiated in Project Management Research 1 under the direction of a supervisor. Production of literature, determination of research methodology, collection and analysis of data, production of findings and conclusions.

Project Management Capstone
The application of knowledge, skills and tools learned from other units within the MSc (Project Management) program to a project. This entails the integrative management of scope, time, cost, quality, risk, communication, procurement, human resources and risk.

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Trimester Commences: 29 August 2017

Trimester Closed: 3 December 2017

Result Sheet to Examination Office: 9 December 2017

Board of Examiner Week: 13 December 2017

Result Released: 14 December 2017

Note: Project Management Research – 2 first face to face session commences on 27th August 2017


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Trimester Commences: 29 August 2017

Trimester Closed: 3 December 2017

Result Sheet to Examination Office: 9 December 2017

Board of Examiner Week: 13 December 2017

Result Released: 14 December 2017

Orientation: 23 September 2017 


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Trimester Commences: 8 May 2017

Orientation: 20 May 2017

Trimester Closed: 11 Aug 2017

Result Sheet to Examination Office: 18 Aug 2017

Board of Examiner Week: 22 Aug 2017

Result Released: 23 Aug 2017


Master of Science (Project Management) Trimester 1, 2017 Unit Schedules*

time-table-trimester-1-2017 *Subject to change

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Trimester Commences: 16 January 2017

Trimester Closed: 21 April 2017

Result Sheet to Examination Office: 1 April 2017

Board of Examiner Week: 2 May 2017

Result Released: 3 May 2017

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