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Course Category: Curtin Micro-Credentials

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  2. E-Learning | Microsoft Office for Beginners | OFFERING NOW
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Course Category: Communication & English Language

  1. English Writing Skills
  2. Effective Communication Skills
  3. Business English
  4. English Grammar for Staff
  5. English Language Proficiency, Communication and Writing Skills for Managers
  6. English for Secretaries
  7. General English (Pre-Intermediate)
  8. General English (Intermediate)
  9. English Summer School

Course Category: Management & Business Application

  1. Microsoft Office Training
  2. Adobe Photoshop 2021
  3. Adobe Illustrator 2021
  4. Adobe InDesign 2021
  5. WordPress
  6. Macroeconomics for Effective Managerial Decision Making
  7. Global Financial Markets, Strategies & Tools
  8. Certificate in Fundamental Accounting
  9. Data Analytics for Business Decision Making
  10. Developing and Sustaining Creativity: A Soft Skill for Thriving in an Uncertain Future
  11. Building Leaders and 21st Century Effective Leadership
  12. Managing Destination Images as Safe and Healthy Tourism Destinations
  13. Rising Stars in Tourism: Ecotourism in a Post-COVID World
  14. SMEs: Start Small, Go Green and Grow Green
  15. Destination Branding and Social Media Marketing Praxis in Rural Hospitality and Tourism Space
  16. Strategic Leadership and Strategic Thinking Skills
  17. Digital Technology and Sharing Economy in Hospitality Services and Tourism Destination
  18. Understanding Business Model Canvas and Entrepreneurship Mind-set
  19. Digital Technologies and Project Management Skills
  20. Leadership and Stakeholder Relations
  21. Building Customer Service Mindset
  22. MS Excel Intermediate
  23. MS Word Intermediate to Expert

Course Category: Engineering & Technology

Sub-category Courses
Chemical Engineering
  1. Bioprocess Engineering
  2. CFD simulation with Ansys
  3. Industrial Nanotechnology
  4. Pyrolysis process
  5. Process Technology
  6. Process Control for Sustainable Development
Civil Engineering
  1. Introduction to Environmental Engineering
  2. Introduction to Steel Design to Eurocode
  3. Design of Prestressed Concrete Girder Bridges
  4. Road Safety Audit and Traffic Impact Assessment
  5. Project Planning and Scheduling
  6. Transportation and Traffic Engineering
Electrical Engineering
  1. GIS Data Analytics
  2. Remote Sensing Applications
  3. Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) Version 7.0
  4. Networking Essentials
  5. Introduction to Cybersecurity & Cybersecurity Essentials
  6. CCNA Security & Cybersecurity Operations
  7. IT Essentials
  8. Linux Essentials
  9. Advanced Linux
  10. Programming Essentials in C
  11. Advanced Programming in C
  12. Programming Essentials in C++
  13. Advanced Programming in C++
  14. Programming Essentials in Java
  15. IoT Fundamentals
  16. Programming Essentials in Python
  17. Begin to Code with Python!
  18. Analyse Data with Python
Mechanical Engineering
  1. Introduction to Computational Fluid Dynamics
  2. AutoCAD Software
  3. Introduction to ALPHA CAM Machining
  4. Introduction to StarCMM+
  5. Environmental Engineering
Petroleum Engineering
  1. HSE in Oil & Gas – Upstream Activities
  2. Eclipse/ CMG/ IP Software Training
  3. Welding Inspector
  4. Corrosion Engineering
  5. Materials Engineering
  6. Professional Engineering Practice
Applied Sciences
  1. Particle size analysis using sieving
  2. Introduction to Petrography of Carbonate Rocks


Last updated on 10 January 2022

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