Master of Policy Sciences


  • Curtin Sarawak Campus, Miri
  • Centre of Modern Management, Kuching
Study Method Part-time
Study Mode On-Campus
Intake January, May & August
(This course is an intensively run programme)
Duration Six semesters of 50 credit points per semester

Acquire a foundation in the core areas of policy analysis and management in the public sector, and develop a framework which emphasises policy formulation, implementation and evaluation within public sector.

Why Study Policy Sciences in Curtin:
  • Designed for local public sectors-localised with international perspective
  • Ground breaking-the first in Sarawak
  • Taught by professionals-staff have extensive experience in policy sciences
  • Flexibility-classes are conducted during weekend with minimal interruption to work

• Appropriate Bachelors degree from a recognised tertiary institution
• Recognition of Prior Learning considered on an individual basis

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Fees and Charges

Graduate Certificate in Policy Science Credits
Public Sector Economics 565


Introduction to Research Methods 601


Policy Sciences Dissertation 691




Interim Award

The Graduate Certificate, Graduate Diploma and Master programs are offered as flexible exit points.
This means that students have the opportunity to apply for an interim award upon completion of specific required units if, due to exceptional circumstances, they are unable to complete the currently enrolled course. Intermediate Awards are subject to the approval of the Head of Department.

Public Sector Economics 565

This provides students with the opportunity to explore issues related to the public finance needs of government agencies. It explores aspects of types of taxation and tax base, public sector expenditure and revenue, public sector borrowing and debt, cost and benefit analysis, privatisation and taxation issues. Differences between national and state debt and inter-government financials would be considered.


Introduction to Research Methods 601

Introduction to research, alternative research paradigms and philosophies, theoretical concepts relevant to business and social science research, positivist, phenomenological, and mixing methodologies, theory building, quantitative and qualitative approaches, school specific methodologies and research at Curtin.


Policy Sciences Dissertation 691

The dissertation is intended to demonstrate the student’s ability to understand and undertake research related to a topic of importance in the area of policy sciences.

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